Default Keymap
Main Keys
5,6,7,8 Insert coin
1,2,3,4 Players 1 - 4 start buttons
9,0 Insert service coin (Needed by some games)
F1 Enables raster special effects in certain games.
F2 Test/Service Switch
F3 Game Reset
F4 Show the game graphics. Use cursor keys to change the set or colour.
F7 Load a saved game state from a slot number.
Shift+F7 Save game state to 1 of 10 slots.
F8 Decrease frame skip during a game.
F9 Increase frame skip during a game.
F10 Speed Throttle (Makes game overspeed)
F11 Frames Per Second and Frameskip information
Left Shift + F11 Enables the profiler in debug versions.
F12 Saves image of game screen to snaps directory.
P Pause the game
Shift + P Skip one frame forward if paused.
Esc Exit from game
Tab Access Mame's in-game menu
Control Keys (Default)
Arrow Keys Controller (Player 1)
Left Ctrl Fire 1 (Player 1)
Left Alt Fire 2 (Player 1)
Space Fire 3 (Player 1)
Left Shift Fire 4 (Player 1)
Z Fire 5 (Player 1)
X Fire 6(Player 1)
R,F,G,D Controller (Player 2)
A Fire 1 (Player 2)
S Fire 2 (Player 2)
Q Fire 3 (Player 2)
W Fire 4 (Player 2)
Not Set By Default Fire 5 (Player 2)
Not Set By Default Fire 6 (Player 2)
Playchoice 10 Additional Keys
5 Adds Time
0 Select Game
1 Toggles 1 or 2 Player Mode
2 Start Game